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Sesriem Camp
Located perfectly at the entry to Sossusvlei inside the park gate is Sesriem Camping, just a short drive from Sesriem Canyon and right beside the gate into the desert

It is perfect for campers who want to experience the beauty of the Namib Desert with the sun setting over the Elim dune then the stars emerging until they fill the sky above you and the clicking of the desert barking Geckos and distant howl of the Jackal. Sit by the fire and imagine what you will.

After a good nights rest its up early (one hour before sunrise) for a drive to the sossusvlei wherer you can climb a sand dune and watch the colours change as the sun rises over the horizon slipping its morning warmth over the Namib desert dunes.

Sesriem Camp
Sesriem Camp

Accommodation at Sesriem Camping

20 Camping Sites in the shades of ancient camel thorn trees
The camp sites at Seriem are set on the deserts edge each with its own tree, inside the Namib Naukluft Park it is a unique place to enjoy the sounds of the desert night as the Geckos and insects sing you to sleep.

Well spaced camp sites with a Fire Place/Braai/BBQ water tap, animal proof rubbish bins and a low wall surrounding each site.

Clean Ablutions offer showers and toilets.
A swimming pool at the centre of the camp allows you to cool off and relax in the midday heat and the bar serves cold drinks.

At the entrance there is a Fuel Station.

Sesriem Camp

Activities and Attractions at Sesriem Camping

· 20 Camping Sites in the shades of ancient camel thorn trees
· Each Camping Site has its own Fire Place and Water Point
· Communal Ablution Facilities
· Swimming Pool
· Inside the Sossusvlei National Park
· Sesriem Canyon
· Sossuvlei desert
· Elim dune - A petrified dune near the Sesriem Camp perfect for sunset
· Bar
· Fuel Station
· Basic Shop

About Sossusvlei
Sossusvlei is a depression in the heart of the Namib Desert were very rarely water that flows along the Tsauchab river in good rainy seasons finally dries up to leave a hard white crusted surface for many years until there is enough water to push the river this far into the desert, the pan or 'vlei' is lined by some of the highest dunes in the world.

Although a very rare occurrence, during periods of good rains the pan or "vlei" fills up with water from the Tsauchab River. This water wonder in the middle of the desert is a spectacular sight.

About Deadvlei
Deadvlei is an area where many years ago the river used to settle into a small lake in the desert, vety close to Sossusvlei, many bushes and trees used to grow in this vlei (pan) then a sand dune blocked the rivers route and a few dry years meant that the dune grew big enough to divert any subsequent water into Sossusvlei, the bushes and trees in deadvlei died but due to the exceptional dryness of the desert conditions the tree stumps remain to this day- dried out dead but stubbornly sticking out of the desert floor these remains are estimated to be over one thousand years old !

About Sesriem Canyon.
As a result of erosion over many centuries, a narrow gorge of about one kilometre in length was formed about 30 to 40 metres deep.
Early explorers had to tie six (ses) lengths of thongs (traditional belts that were made from a ream/riem of leather hence riem) together to draw water from the pools in the canyon, creating the name "Sesriem".
Explore the Sesriem Canyon from this great and scenic campsite.

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